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Deafness February 2012 Archive


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Two Deaf Life Experiences on Switched

Tuesday February 28, 2012
Tonight on Switched at Birth, I noticed that the writers incorporated two typical deaf life experiences: "Never mind," and parents who do not learn sign language. Both experiences were introduced ... Read More

Lose Hearing, Fall More?

Monday February 27, 2012
Researchers are finding that losing hearing may put people at increased risk of having falls. The researchers analyzed data from a national health survey and found that every ten decibels ... Read More

Why Implant Rejected?

Saturday February 25, 2012
"Puzzled Father" on the forum is asking why every time his six-year-old daughter is reimplanted, the body rejects the implant.  I know that the body can reject a cochlear implant ... Read More

Goodbye After 15 Years

Friday February 24, 2012
Dear Readers, The time has come to say goodbye. I will not be a guide for About.com anymore after the end of March. I knew I would be writing this blog ... Read More

Deafness in LIFE Magazine

Wednesday February 22, 2012
As we all know, attitudes towards deafness were different years ago. At the same time, things weren't that different from today! It was fun and fascinating to explore the archives ... Read More

Another Role for Russell Harvard

Tuesday February 21, 2012
If you saw "The Hammer," you remember that Russell Harvard played the lead role. Now he is acting on the stage. The Wall Street Journal published an interview with Harvard, ... Read More

In Some Countries, Deaf Children Still Abandoned

Monday February 20, 2012
It doesn't happen in developed countries anymore, but it still does in some countries. In Uganda, a 13 year old deaf girl who doesn't even know sign language, was abandoned ... Read More

Super Bowl Long Over, But Not the Hurt Feelings

Saturday February 18, 2012
I had watched the Super Bowl as did many deaf and hard of hearing people. I admit I was not aware that Miss Deaf  America would be signing the anthem ... Read More

Alexander Bell's Deaf Wife

Wednesday February 15, 2012
Valentine's Day may be over, but love stories are forever. The deaf daughter of the first president of National Geographic married Alexander Graham Bell. He was her speech therapist at ... Read More

Lipreading Software

Tuesday February 14, 2012
Are you looking to learn how to lipread but do not want to bother with classes or can't find any training within a reasonable distance? You could try lipreading software.  ... Read More

Does Herpes Cause Hearing Loss?

Monday February 13, 2012
Apparently herpes can cause hearing loss in a newborn, unless the newborn receives treatment. What about in adults? I couldn't find any information about that other than a mention that ... Read More

Update: Kids No Hearing Aids

Sunday February 12, 2012
Ten submissions to the new Readers Respond page on Kids Who Do Not Want to Wear Hearing Aids have been published so far. There have been quite a few interesting ... Read More

India's Own Inexpensive Cochlear Implant

Friday February 10, 2012
It was bound to happen. Cochlear implants from the main manufacturers are too expnesive for many in foreign countries. Now India's scientists have come up with an inexpensive cochlear implant ... Read More

It's Just a Choice

Wednesday February 8, 2012
That's the point of this article in BBC News. The BBC reports on young deaf people who have both chosen and not chosen to, get cochlear implants.  Cochlear implants are ... Read More

Lawsuit Against CNN Continues

Monday February 6, 2012
The San Francisco Chronicle carried a report over the weekend about how a federal magistrate ruled that the captioning lawsuit in California against CNN can continue. The lawsuit is actually ... Read More

Hearing Teen Tries to Understand

Saturday February 4, 2012
Sometimes teenage boys can be sweet when you least expect it. That certainly is the case in the experience of "Winter" on the forum. Winter is a deaf teenage girl ... Read More

Author Posts on Forum

Thursday February 2, 2012
The author of a new book for young people, with a deaf main character, has posted on the forum about her book.  In her book "Flying to the Light," the ... Read More

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