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People - C.J. Jones

Making His Mark as An Actor


Updated June 18, 2014

One of the hardest-working deaf and African-American actors in Hollywood is C.J. Jones, whose career spans the seventies through the present time.

Who Is C.J. Jones?

Born hearing to deaf parents and deafened at seven from spinal meningitis, Jones is a 1972 data processing graduate from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. However, he has done anything but work in data processing since his graduation, choosing instead to make his career in theater and film. And what a career it has been. Even before college, he was acting and directing plays.

C.J. Jones' Acting, Writing, and Directing Resume

To date, C.J. Jones' resume includes:

  • A stint with the National Theatre of the Deaf (which won him a Tony award).
  • Appearances on "Sesame Street," and in an early deaf children's television program, "Rainbow's End."
  • Guest appearances on the programs "A Different World" and "In Living Color."
  • His own comedy routine, "The Living Cartoon."
  • Host of a video series for deaf children, the "Happy Hands Kids Club."
  • Directed and appeared in a stage production of "Children of a Lesser God."
  • Appearances on programs that aired on the old Silent Network deaf cable channel.
  • The writing of plays, including one based on his own father's life.
  • "The Ride," a short film in which he plays a deaf hitchhiker.

Articles on C.J. Jones

These articles have been written on C.J. Jones and his career:

  • C.J. Jones: The Heart of a Performer - A photo-illustrated March/April 1997 World Around You (a publication for deaf teenagers) article details Jones' early life and career.
  • HIP Magazine, Vol 6, #1.

C.J. Jones' Other Endeavors

In addition to acting and directing, Jones has been involved with other entertainment efforts:

  • Executive director of Hands Across Communications.
  • Founder and chairman of the board of SignWorldTV.com, Inc.

C.J. Jones Professional Website

C.J. Jones has his own website, CJ Jones Live. The site includes his touring schedule, and contact information.

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