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Deaf Culture - Deafness in the Comics

Deaf People in Comics/Comic Strips


Updated September 10, 2010

Also, although it is not a comic book but a comic-style paperback, Batman Beyond:Hear No Evil features a young deaf boy and a deaf villian. The same villian, Shriek, has appeared in the Batman Beyond cartoon.

An About visitor submitted this information about a deaf Marvel comics character:

The Marvel Comic Book "Daredevil" featured his love interest, Echo (who is deaf). In issues Vol 2 # 9-15, or the Trade "Parts of a Hole" And then again in Vol 2 #s 51-55 "Vision Quest." According to this visitor, Echo is also a prominent character in the comic New Avengers

European Comics

A European web site on deafness in comics discusses a character with hearing loss called Professor Calculus, in the well-known Tintin series. The author also discusses hearing loss in the popular Donald Duck comics.

Do you know of any other comic book or comic strip stories that featured deafness or deaf characters? Tell About Deafness/HOH.

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