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Sign Language - Medical Sign Language

Signs for the Doctor


Updated April 24, 2011

Sometimes it is not possible to get an interpreter in a health care situation. What can a doctor or nurse do then? Fortunately, there is a category of sign language that can help: Medical sign language.

Books on Medical Sign Language

The following medical sign language books are available:

  • Random House Webster's American Sign Language Medical Dictionary (compare prices)
  • Medical Sign Language : Easily Understood Definitions of Commonly Used Medical, Dental & First Aid Terms (compare prices)
  • Sign Language Pictograms for Hospital Communication - This is not a book, but a notebook of pictograms, pictures of selected phrases in sign language with English captions for use by hospital staff. Produced by the Justice Department, this notebook was distributed to many hospitals.
  • Signs of Health - Produced by DeafSign, this book is for British health care workers.
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