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How can I adopt a deaf pet


Updated April 24, 2011

Question: How can I adopt a deaf pet
Answer: How does one go about finding a deaf cat or dog to take in? There are some key resources:

Deaf Animal Blogs

The blog Deaf Animals publishes news on deaf animals in need of homes, mixed with news about deaf animals.

Deaf Pet Sites

The Deaf Dog Education Fund has a photolisting of deaf dogs looking for homes. There is even an "Urgent!" section to highlight those deaf dogs that do not have much time left.

Deaf Pet Discussion Groups

A search on Yahoo Groups for "deaf pets" turned up a handful of discussion lists devoted to the rescue of animals, including deaf ones:

General Pet Sources

Many animal rescue websites have photolistings of adoptable pets, and sometimes these photolistings have deaf cats and dogs. Search for "dog" and "adoption" or "cat" and "adoption" to find these websites. Some sites have databases, but they can't be searched for deafness. I have yet to find one that allows you to search on keywords.

Deaf Culture FAQ

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