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Sign Language - Christmas Spirit

Christmas with a Sign Language Theme


Updated April 24, 2011

Cover of the book the Night Before Christmas

Cover of the book the Night Before Christmas, told in ASL

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The signs of Christmas are everywhere...literally!

Signing Merry Christmas

Want to know how to sign "Merry Christmas?" The sign for Christmas, Santa Claus, and other Christmas words can be found in most sign language dictionaries online.

Christmas Songs and Poetry in ASL

Need to know how to sign traditional Christmas songs and carols for your family or church? Check this index of Christmas songs and carols, with sources for signed translations.

There are some DVD sources of Christmas carols and songs in sign language:

  • ASLonDVD.com offers A 'Silent Night'...Christmas Carols in ASL, a DVD that has sign language renditions of classics like We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
  • We Sign has two Christmas song DVDs, We Sign Santa's Favorite Christmas Songs with songs such as O Christmas Tree, and We Sign Christmas Carols, with songs such as What Child is This?

Christmas Books in Sign

These Christmas themed books are illustrated in sign language:

  • "Mouse's Christmas Eve" - a simple story in signed English. (compare prices)
  • "Night Before Christmas" - the classic story told in ASL, beautifully illustrated. (compare prices)

Christmas ASL Cards

One company offering ASL Christmas e-cards is Deaf Resources, which offers colorful, animated e-cards with ASL themes. Traditional Christmas cards with sign language themes are available from Sign Language Greetings, whose diverse selection includes Christmas cards of children using sign language. Another company offering original sign language Christmas cards is American Sign Language Jewelry and Gifts.


Several vendors offer the same or similar Christmas/ASL themed products, and a few offer unique or exclusive novelty products. What follows is a sampling of novelty products available through those vendors, in key categories:


  • Clancy the Signing Bear
  • Glass I Love You ornament
  • ILU Angel ornament
  • Pewter wreath ornament
  • Star ornament
  • Merry Christmas ornament - fingerspelled M-C
  • Signing Santa ornament


  • Christmas tree pin
  • Wreath pin

Rubber Stamps

  • ILY Christmas stamp
  • Merry Christmas fingerspelling stamp
  • Reindeer stamp


  • Guest towels


  • Heart stickers
  • Christmas tree Kidsign

Wrapping paper

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