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Discussion Lists in the Deaf/HOH Community

Sharing with Others Online


Updated April 24, 2011

If you are like me, you are a busy person with limited time to read your e-mail, but have deaf and hard of hearing related concerns you would like to discuss with others. The answer is to join a discussion list, and to get the list in digest form so that your mailbox is not overwhelmed.


The Captioning discussion list discusses access to media and technical issues with captioning.

Cochlear Implants

People considering or who have cochlear implants, can join the Cochlear Implants listserv. Parents can join the CI Circle list.


If you don't mind a little controversy mixed in with your discussions, try the stalwart Deaf-L discussion group (A bit of history: Deaf-L is the granddaddy of all the deaf discussion lists). The topics constantly vary and sometimes flames fly. Deaf-L has largely been replaced by other means of discussion online.


Deafblind people can choose from either the Deafblind list or the Usher List.

Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened

Are you hard of hearing or late-deafened? Try either Beyond Hearing or the SayWhatClub listservs. You'll find many kindred souls there. Another very active list is alt.support.hearing-loss.

Hearing Dogs

Do you have a hearing dog and want to talk with other hearing dog owners?


For interpreting professionals, there is the TerpJobs list for job announcements. For general discussion on interpreting, there is Terps-L.

Medical Access

Or concerned about medical access for deaf and hard of hearing people?

Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers have the EduDeaf, the Listen-Up list, and ParentDeaf-HH to choose from.

Sign Language

For newcomers to sign language as well as experienced people, there is the asl_group list.

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