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Deaf Native Americans

American Indians with Hearing Loss


Updated May 02, 2010

Although it is small, the deaf Native American community does have its own organizations, books, and history.

Organizations for deaf Native Americans

The Intertribal Deaf Council has a newsletter and holds conferences.

Articles and Books on deaf Native Americans

There have been some articles published on the deaf Native American community. Several of these are listed on the web site of the National Multicultural Interpreter Project, which offers downloadable PDFs of a cultural awareness and sensitivity curriculum. A shorter listing is available from Info to Go as part of its publication Selected Readings and Resources on Mulitcultural Issues and Deaf Students. A few books including deaf Native Americans have been published:

  • Step into the Circle: The Heartbeat of American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations Deaf Communities, an out of print book about deaf native Americans published by Ago Publications with pictures, art, poems, biographies, and autobiographies.
  • The Silent One: The adventure of a hearing impaired heroine

History and deaf Native Americans

A deaf Native American, Black Coyote, was one of the first, if not the first, victims at Wounded Knee.

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