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Deaf Community - Brazil

Large Latin American Deaf Community


Updated December 08, 2011

This week's entry in the deafness around the world serial visits Brazil.


The primary organization for the deaf in Brazil is the Federacao Nacional de Educacao e Integracao dos Surdos (FENEIS). FENEIS works to improve education, employment, and interpreting services. The association also focuses on deaf awareness and provides training in sign language.

There are also other deaf associations in Brazil such as:

  • Associação dos Deficientes Auditivos de Curitiba (Association of Deficient the Auditory ones of Curitiba)
  • Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Surdos (Association of Parents and Friends of the Deaf people)
  • Associação de Surdos de Curitiba-Pr (Association of Deaf people of Curitiba-Pr)
  • Sociedade dos Surdos de Caxias do Sul (Society of the Deaf people of Caxias of the South)
  • Sociedade dos Surdos do Rio Grande do Sul (Society of the Deaf people of the Rio Grande Do Sul)


FENEIS has a comprehensive listing of schools for the deaf and programs for the deaf in Brazil by region. Visitors are asked to submit data on any missing schools or programs.


Missionary organizations continue to do work with deaf people in Brazil.

Sign Language

Brazil's sign language is known as the Lingua de Sinais do Brasil (LIBRAS). LIBRAS is so well established that there are Brazilian sign language dictionaries available: A digital dictionary of Brazilian sign language. (Information available on the website of FENEIS)

A Brazilian signwriting dictionary from the Signwriting organization.

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