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Sign Language - Teaching English Using American Sign Language
Forum members discuss sign language and English.
Sign Language - Pidgin Signed English - Deafness - About.com
What kind of sign language is it when you do not sign pure ASL with its own grammar, or use signed exact english? It is called pidgin sign(ed) english, or PSE .
Sign Language - Books, Classes, and Word Reference Guides for ...
Pidgin signed English, perhaps the most common form of sign language in use, mixes ASL with English. Then there is a straight English form of sign language.
Sign Language Idioms - Idioms in Sign Language - Deafness
Part of deaf culture includes American Sign Language idioms, idioms used only by the deaf community and that do not appear in regular spoken English.
Learning and Using Sign Language - Deafness - About.com
When used in combination with English, sign language can help both hearing and deaf children to learn. Hearing and deaf people who socialize in the deaf ...
Using Sign Language and Voice for Total Communication - Deafness
Apr 29, 2014 ... Although some schools/programs for the deaf use ASL and English, the majority of educational programs for the deaf use total communication.
Signing Exact English and Syntax - Deafness - About.com
Use Sign Language in English Order With Signing Exact English ... Over the years, SEE combined with ASL to create Pidgin Signed English (or PSE). Ads.
Learning Sign Language: The Challenges of Learning ASL - Deafness
"It's never easy to learn an additional language, especially after 13 or 14, but it was a lot easier for us to learn ASL than for our daughter to learn English…"
Deaf Attitudes Towards People Learning Sign Language - Deafness
About.com forum members learning sign language share their positive and ... I never make fun of their English skills, and never put them down if they make ...
Sign Language Classifiers - ASL - Deafness - About.com
In one example, in the article "The Acquisition of Spatial Constructions in American Sign Language and English," researchers examined the learning of spatial ...
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