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Hearing Aids - Basic Information on Hearing Aids - Hearing Loss
The basic information about hearing aids that anyone considering a hearing aid needs to know.
Implantable Hearing Aids and Devices - Hearing Loss - About.com
Benefits of Implantable Hearing Aids and Devices. Implantable hearing aids are still hearing aids, but implantable hearing aids (or devices) are said to provide ...
Why Hearing Aids Should Be Covered by Health Insurance
Updated June 12, 2014. One of the biggest complaints that both deaf and hard of hearing people share is the high cost of hearing aids. Hearing impaired people ...
Maximize Your Employment Benefits: Flexible Spending Accounts
Let's demystify employment benefits, beginning with flexible spending plans. ... False teeth, hearing aids, crutches, wheelchairs, and guide dogs for the blind or ...
Hearing help for deafness and hearing loss with tools such as ...
The answer tends to be hearing aids or cochlear implants. ... About.com readers discussed the benefits they got from hearing aids, and a study even showed that  ...
Technology for Hearing Loss - About.com
Hearing aids and cochlear implants help deaf and hard of hearing people to hear . Learn the basic facts, costs and financing, and benefits of hearing aids and ...
Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids - Hearing Loss - About.com
A page about the benefits of hearing aids reports that the top benefit is improved relationships at home. There are also two online questionnaires, one for people ...
Social Security Disability Income and Deaf People - Hearing Loss
Aug 11, 2008 ... I could not find anything official regarding cochlear implants or hearing aids, and SSDI. From what I have read in unofficial sources, it appears ...
Audio Frequency Induction Loops - Hearing Loss - About.com
The telecoil in hearing aids was introduced by hearing aid manufacturers ... to the hearing aid maximizes the benefits of digital hearing aids and delivers the best ...
Federal Health Insurance and Hearing Aid Coverage - Hearing Loss
Dec 14, 2008 ... cover hearing aids for adults 22 years of age and older starting in 2009! ... Organizations (HMO) will expand coverage of hearing benefits for ...
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