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Buying Hearing Aids - Deafness - About.com
Jan 1, 2014 ... The process of buying hearing aids usually involves getting a hearing test, trying out the hearing aids, and finally buying them. I was not new to ...
Where to Buy Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Batteries - Deafness
Suggested sources of hearing aid or cochlear implant batteries.
Used Hearing Aids: Can You Buy or Sell Them?
Yes, used hearing aids are legal to buy or sell, and they are cheaper than new devices. But there regulations that you need to follow.
Why Hearing Aids Should Be Covered by Health Insurance - Deafness
Jun 12, 2014 ... Due to a progressive loss, I had to keep buying more powerful aids. After the last hearing aid purchase, I told the audiologist, "That's it. I can't ...
Disposable Hearing Aids - Buying Disposable Hearing ... - Deafness
Disposable hearing aids are an alternative to buying hearing aids the traditional way.
Technology for Hearing Loss - Deafness - About.com
There are many reasons people with hearing loss do not purchase hearing aids. This article looks at common reasons and how to address these concerns.
Buying and Selling Used Hearing Aids - Deafness - About.com
Feb 24, 2009 ... A frequently asked question I get (especially these days) is, "Can I buy or sell a used hearing aid?" Is it legal? Turns out the answer is yes, and ...
Top Hearing Aid Manufacturers - Deafness - About.com
Companies that manufacture hearing aids. Most companies make digital hearing aids, and a few still make analog or body worn hearing aids. Still others make ...
Hearing Aids - Donating Used Hearing Aids - Deafness - About.com
Grandpa just died? Got a new cochlear implant? Just upgraded to digital from analog? Bought a hearing aid awhile ago but it did not work as well as you wanted ...
Hearing help for deafness and hearing loss with tools such as ...
There are guidelines for buying hearing aids, which will help avoid becoming the victim of fraud. Finally, while digital hearing aids are overtaking analog hearing ...
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