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Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation - Deafness - About.com
The real work begins after receiving a cochlear implant. Rehabilitation therapy is necessary to get the most benefit from an implant.
Financial Aid for Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants - Deafness
In addition, some state governments, such as South Dakota's Division of Rehabilitation Services, have cochlear implant programs to help both uninsured and ...
Cochlear Implants - Activation of Cochlear Implants - Deafness
The first mapping session for a cochlear implant is a unique, unforgettable ... Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation · Cochlear Implant Opinions from About Visitors ...
Vocational Rehabilitation and State Agencies - Deafness - About.com
(For your information Medicare won't pay for hearing aids, but does pay for the medical part of a Cochlear Implant but Voc Rehab has to pay for all the tuning ...
Cochlear Implants - Information and Resources About ... - Deafness
The most popular cochlear implant articles at About.com: Deafness. ... Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation. After the cochlear implant surgery, the real work begins.
Hearing with Cochlear Implants - Deafness - About.com
Cochlear implants are surgically-implanted tools that can restore some hearing for many deaf people; however, they are not not a cure for deafness.
Cochlear Implants - Deafness - About.com
Jun 27, 2014 ... Are you considering a cochlear implant for yourself, or for your child? I have a .... Bilateral Cochlear Implants · Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation ...
Cochlear Implants - One Deaf Person's Experience with ... - Deafness
More than six months after receiving her implant, Tammy describes what her life has been like with sound. ... Cochlear Implants - Tammy Gets an Implant - Six Months Later. A totally changed life .... Recovery Time From Breast Implant Surgery.
Cochlear Implants - Tammy Gets an Implant - One Year Later
The final part of the Tammy Gets an Implant series, which follows Tammy from deciding to get an implant to one year after ... Many are curious about the cochlear implant and ask "What is that? .... Recovery Time From Breast Implant Surgery.
Cochlear Implants - How a Cochlear Implant Works - Deafness
How a cochlear implant works, and research into cochlear implant signal processing. ... So a cochlear implant, which is considered a prosthesis for health insurance purposes, takes over those .... Recovery Time From Breast Implant Surgery.
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