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Deaf Irish - Deaf People with Irish Heritage - Hearing Loss - About.com
Updated April 28, 2009. On St. Patrick's Day, our thoughts naturally turn to the country of Ireland. What is there for the deaf and hard of hearing community of ...
Deaf People and Social Security Disability Income - Hearing Loss
If a deaf person loses a job, one option is to apply for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).
Deaf Travel - Deaf Cruises and Travel Tours
Some that are exclusively for deaf people, feature entertainment by deaf and hard of ... Tenon Tours has deaf-friendly tours of Ireland, and at the time I learned of ...
Deaf Iranians - Deaf People in Iran - Hearing Loss - About.com
About deafness looks at the deaf community of Iran. ... An About visitor who is personally acquainted with deaf people from Iran .... Deaf Community - India · Deaf Community - Ireland · Hearing Loss - Deafness Information for Hearing ...
Deaf Community and Culture in South Africa
One web source said that in 1998 there were at least four million deaf and hard of hearing people in South Africa. According to the 2001 South African census (.
Deaf Germans - Deaf People in Germany - Hearing Loss - About.com
The tool I used translated the English word "deaf" as "taub" in German. However, an About visitor wrote: Gehoerlos people in Germany prefer that they be called ...
Deaf Australians - Deaf People in Australia - Hearing Loss - About.com
This installment of the international serial looks at the deaf community of Australia .
International Deafness - Deaf People in International Communities
Oct 12, 2011 ... Deaf people in other countries have their own sign languages, ... Ireland has a handful of deaf associations, several schools, and its own sign ...
Deaf Mexicans - Deaf People in Mexico - Hearing Loss - About.com
Mar 12, 2011 ... Mexico's deaf community, with schools, organizations, and more.
Deaf Colombians - Deaf People in Colombia
Nov 26, 2011 ... A look at the deaf community of Colombia, in Latin America.
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