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Growing Up Deaf - Being Teased as a Deaf Child
Teasing, and how it makes a deaf person feel. ... Teasing is an inevitable part of growing up for anyone, including deaf children. But it hurts so much more when ...
Growing Up Deaf - Deafness - About.com
Feb 13, 2011 ... What was it like to grow up deaf at a time when deafness was not well understood? How frustrating was it at a time when we did not have the ...
Growing Up Deaf Serial, my personal reflections on ... - Deafness
Deaf and hard of hearing children need deaf/hoh role models in their lives. Remembering my first deaf adult role model. Part of the Growing Up Deaf series.
Growing Up Deaf - Being Deaf at Family Holiday Gatherings
Family gatherings often meant loneliness for a deaf child.
Growing Up Deaf - Classroom Ghost - A Deaf Child in the Classroom
The classroom ghost. That is what I felt like at times in the mainstream classroom as a deaf child, bereft of any interpreters and often without notetakers.
Growing Up Deaf - Watching Television as a Deaf Child - Deafness
Growing Up Deaf - Television Before Closed Captions. Imagine Trying to Lipread Gary Coleman. By Jamie Berke. Share this ...
Growing Up Deaf - Becoming Deaf from Rubella
May 11, 2013 ... Rubella - it made thousands of people deaf in the 1960s.
Growing Up Deaf - Speech Therapy Experience as a Deaf Child
Jul 25, 2009 ... Speech therapy teaches useful skills but deaf and hard of hearing children may not like the learning process.
Growing Up Deaf - Summer Camp as a Deaf Child - Deafness
One summer in the mid-70s my parents had this idea that I should go to a deaf summer camp. So I went off to Camp Kirby in Pennsylvania, accompanied by ...
Growing Up as a Hearing Child of Deaf Parents
What is it like to grow up as the hearing child of deaf parents? Here is one adult's experience.
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