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Growing Up Deaf - Being Teased as a Deaf Child - Hearing Loss
Teasing is an inevitable part of growing up for anyone, including deaf children. But it hurts so much more when you are truly "different" from the others. Ads.
Growing Up Deaf - Hearing Loss - About.com
Updated February 13, 2011. What was it like to grow up deaf at a time when deafness was not well understood? How frustrating was it at a time when we did not ...
Growing Up Deaf Serial, my personal reflections on ... - Hearing Loss
Deaf and hard of hearing children need deaf/hoh role models in their lives. Remembering my first deaf adult role model. Part of the Growing Up Deaf series.
Growing Up Deaf - Being Deaf at Family Holiday Gatherings
Family gatherings often meant loneliness for a deaf child.
Growing Up Deaf - Classroom Ghost - A Deaf Child in the Classroom
Updated July 25, 2009. Growing Up Deaf Serial. The classroom ghost. That is what I felt like at times in the mainstream classroom as a deaf child, bereft of any  ...
Growing Up Deaf - Watching Television as a Deaf Child
Growing Up Deaf - Television Before Closed Captions. Imagine Trying to Lipread Gary Coleman. By Jamie Berke · Hearing Loss Expert. Share this ...
Growing Up as a Hearing Child of Deaf Parents - Hearing Loss
What is it like to grow up as the hearing child of deaf parents? Here is one adult's experience.
Growing Up Deaf - Choosing a Hearing School or a Deaf School
Part of growing up deaf meant having to choose between a deaf school and a hearing school.
Growing Up Deaf - Speech Therapy Experience as a Deaf Child
Updated July 25, 2009. Growing Up Deaf Serial. I hated speech therapy. As a young child I gave my therapists such a hard time that my mother said after a ...
Growing Up Deaf - Becoming Deaf from Rubella - Hearing Loss
Updated December 29, 2014. Growing Up Deaf Serial. Rubella (also known as german measles) is a virus infection that causes a brief red rash, and a low fever.
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