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Hearing Test - What Did You Dislike Most About Your Hearing Test
And guess who pays for it? YOU do, as it's added into the price of your hearing aids. Dan Schwartz, Editor, The Hearing Blog http://www.TheHearingBlog.com; — ...
How Do Deaf People View Themselves? - Hearing Loss - About.com
Is it because of hearing loss or because of language/culture? ... "I grew up with lip reading, oral, hearing aids, and the STIGMA of being different, yes STIGMA.
Deafness and Hearing Loss Advice from About.com
Advice on the symptoms and treatment of deafness and hearing loss, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, low frequency hearing loss and tinnitus.
Ototoxity - Drugs as a Cause of Hearing Loss & Deafness
Dec 4, 2014 ... Ototoxic drugs can cause hearing loss, both temporary and permanent. ... Related blog posts on ototoxicity: Brush Teeth, Lose Hearing?
Does Anyone have a Child with a Hearing Aid? - Calorie Count
Member posts ... My 5 year old son needs hearing aids, in both ears. ... I was just wondering if anyone has a child that has hearing aids?
Examples of Jonah Syndrome - Deafness - About.com
Which then led me to update the blog post I wrote about the fleeting glimpses of Marlee Matlin signing the National ... I had a Jonah Syndrome response from a manufactor of hearing aids! ... New posts to the Deafness/Hard of Hearing forums :.
Occupational Hearing Loss - About.com
Related About.com Deafness Articles. About.com Deafness has covered occupational hearing loss through blog posts and articles: Blog post: Can He Qualify for ...
Starkey Experience - Reader Reviews Hearing Aid Reviews
May 2, 2011 ... About.com readers share why they selected the hearing aid that they ultimately chose. ... Used Hearing Aids: Can You Buy or Sell Them?
Readers Respond: Managing Hearing Aid Costs - Hearing Loss
How did you manage your hearing aid costs? About.com readers share how they managed the cost of their hearing aids.
Readers Respond: How To Cope with Sudden Hearing Loss?
How does a person who has been hearing their whole life, cope with the sudden ... Without my hearing aids everything sounds like a bass drum. .... New posts to the Deafness/Hard of Hearing forums: ... Education · Communication Methods ·...
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