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Parenting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children - Challenges - Deafness
Finding out that a child is deaf usually takes parents through a process or stages of learning to accept their child's deafness. After accepting their child's deafness ...
Deaf People Parenting Hearing Children - Deafness - About.com
Sometimes I have wondered what it is like to be a deaf parent of a hearing child. I never had a hearing child, and I know that most deaf parents have hearing ...
Parenting Children with Hearing Loss - Resources for ... - Deafness
Resources for families of deaf and hard of hearing children, including adoption, parenting, deaf kids, and summer camps.
Parenting Deaf Children - Books About Parenting Deaf and Hard of ...
Mar 5, 2009 ... These are the books about parenting deaf and hard of hearing children that have been recommended by members of the About community.
Parenting Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children - Social Immaturity in ...
One of the challenges of parenting a deaf or hard of hearing child is dealing with social immaturity.
Parenting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children - Stages of ... - Deafness
Mar 15, 2011 ... After discovering that one's child is deaf or hard of hearing, parents go through a process of grieving and acceptance.
Parenting Deaf Children - Parental Rights and Cochlear Implants for ...
A deaf parent whose deaf children are in foster care at the moment, is fighting to prevent her children from being given cochlear implants against her wishes.
Parenting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children - Summer Camps for ...
Summer camps are second only to schools for the deaf/programs for the deaf as places where deaf and hard of hearing children and teens develop friendships.
Parenting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children - Daycare for Deaf ...
Parents with deaf or hard of hearing children in child care or daycare have special concerns.
Parenting Hard of Hearing Children - Deafness - About.com
Plenty of books and web sites are available on parenting deaf and hard of hearing children, but not many are about ONLY hard of hearing children. Even though ...
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