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African American Deaf People

The African American (black) deaf community.

African American Deaf Community
A look at the African American deaf community on the internet.

Andrew Foster
The first deaf African American Gallaudet graduate and founder of schools for the deaf in Africa.

C.J. Jones
A look at the career of this longtime deaf African American actor and comedian.

Connie Briscoe - Contemporary Deaf Author
Interview with Connie Briscoe, a contemporary author who is deaf.

Curtis Pride
A contemporary baseball player who is deaf.

Kenny Walker
For awhile, he was a professional deaf football player.

Kwanzaa is a popular African American holiday. This blog post offers a few Kwanzaa resources for the deaf community.

Lindsay Dunn - Speaker and Writer
Profile of Lindsay Dunn, an accomplished deaf African American.

Michelle Banks
Michelle Banks, an African American deaf performer.

National Alliance of Black Interpreters
The National Alliance of Black Interpreters is profiled in this article.

National Black Deaf Advocates
Profile of a national organization for African American (black) deaf people.

Sounds Like Home - Story of Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South
Full review of the autobiographical book Sounds Like Home, a deaf woman's story of growing up black and deaf in the South.

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