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Before You Before You Visit American Deaf Communities


Updated February 08, 2011

The United States is a fairly large country, and has developed strong deaf communities in many cities and metropolitan areas. Here are some of them. In the future, we'll add additional profiled American deaf communities.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan has a healthy deaf community, with at least three organizations for the deaf and hard of hearing. There are also plenty of social services for deaf and hard of hearing people, nearby entertainment, and educational options.

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas has everything that can be expected in a major metropolitan area for a deaf and hard of hearing community. There are social activities, educational services, interpreter services, and more.

Los Angeles, California

There is more to Los Angeles than the Greater Los Angeles Association of the Deaf (GLAD). The L.A. area also has homegrown deaf theater and deaf churches. There are also a handful of deaf organizations.

Nashville, Tennessee

Most of the deaf communities written about on About.com have been well-known metropolitan areas, but Nashville was selected for its affordability as a place to live. The area has deaf organizations for every subset of the deaf community, including the deaf-blind.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was host to the 2010 National Association of the Deaf conference. For accessible entertainment, it is hard to beat Philadelphia.

Rochester, New York

There has been some disagreement about the size of the deaf community in Rochester, New York, but there is no doubt it is substantial. The presence of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology guarantees a flow of new deaf residents for Rochester. Usually a certain percentage of a college's graduates will settle in the area the college is in, and NTID is no exception.

Washington, DC

Metropolitan Washington, DC is often thought of as the heart of the American deaf community -- and for good reason. In Washington, we have Gallaudet University and the headquarters of most, if not all, national deaf and hard of hearing organizations.


Wyoming is a sparsely populated state, yet it still has a few things to offer people who are involved with deafness or sign language.
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