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Articles - Deaf Culture and Deaf Heritage

Some Find It Fascinating


Updated February 13, 2011

What is deaf culture? For generations, the deaf community has had its own publications, performing arts groups, artists, writers, and more. All this has combined to produce what is also known as deaf heritage. In addition, some deaf people have certain ways of thinking about deafness.

Ways of Thinking About Deafness

Acceptance by the Deaf Community
Forum members discuss gaining acceptance by the deaf community when you are a new signer, late deafened, or an oral deaf person. Read their comments and share your experiences.

What is audism? Learn about this negative term used in the deaf community, and share comments.

Big D, Small d Deaf
Have you ever heard the term "big D" and "small d" in the deaf/hoh (hard of hearing) community? What does it mean?

Deaf? Disabled? Both?
"I'm deaf, not disabled." How many times have we heard that from people in the deaf community? The question of deafness as a disability is discussed.

Deafhood Defined
What is Deafhood? The deaf blog community actively discussed it, and this article showcases specific blog postings plus has some of my own comments.

Pathological Point of View of Deafness versus Cultural Point of View of Deafness
In the deaf community, we often speak about the pathological point of view, compared to the cultural point of view. What is the difference?

Deafness in the Creative Arts

Deaf Art
What is deaf art? This article attempts to define it and gives examples.

Deaf Comics
Laughter is the best medicine. These days, deaf people are serving up a healthy dose of it on the web through comic strips and cartoons.

Deaf Theatre
A look at deaf theatre and performing arts groups, past and present.

Poetry by Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
You don't have to be a lover of poetry to appreciate these poems.

Deaf Heritage and History

Auctioning Deaf
Unique and commonplace deaf items can be found in online auctions.

"Cures" for Deafness
Perhaps one of the funniest articles at About.com Deafness -- cures for deafness throughout history, plus submissions from About visitors.

Deaf Collectibles
How much is that Dummy Hoy (a deaf pro baseball player) baseball card worth?

Deaf Studies
Deaf studies is an academic field that studies deafness, deaf culture, and deaf history.

Deaf Media

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Publications
There are multiple publications for deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages.

Deaf Cinema
More deaf people are now producing their own theatrical films.

Deaf Sports

Deaf Sports
Sports has always been important in the deaf community. An overview of deaf sports, including deaf sports resources and history.

Deaf Travel

Travel and Recreation
Cruising, international travel, skiing, and more...all in the company of other deaf people.

Religion in the Deaf Community

Deaf Churches
Did you know that deaf people have their own churches? How to find a deaf church.

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