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Audiology, including ABR versus OAE hearing tests, and infant hearing screening.

American Academy of Audiology
Profile of the American Academy of Audiology.

Audiology - Booth Hearing Tests
What happens in a booth hearing test.

Auditiory Neuropathy
Definition of auditory neuropathy, a cause of hearing loss.

Ear Tubes - Effectiveness and Risks of Ear Tubes for Hearing Loss
Ear Tubes - Effectiveness and Risks of Ear Tubes for Hearing Loss

Glue Ear - Hearing Loss
Definition of glue ear, a cause of conductive hearing loss.

Overamplification - Increasing Hearing Loss
Overamplification can cause the loss of more hearing.

Perforated Eardrums and Their Role in Hearing Loss
Eardrums play an important role in the hearing mechanism, and when they are damaged, hearing loss can result.

Problems With and Removing Ear Wax
Learn about ear wax and the problems it can cause, and also about ear wax removal.

Speech Banana
Definition of a speech banana.

Testing a Child or an Adult for Hearing Loss
Hearing tests are an essential part of evaluating the health of a newborn baby. Plus, older adults who are losing hearing may need hearing tests.


Tinnitus is a very common problem that is often associated with hearing loss. Many people cope with it in various ways, and scientists and doctors are working hard to identity possible cures for tinnitus.

What is the connection between iPods and hearing loss?
Improper and extended usage of iPods and other personal listening devices can result in hearing loss.

Auditory Ossicles
About the auditory ossicles, and their role in hearing.

High-Frequency Hearing Loss
Hearing loss in the higher frequencies, its causes, preventing, and managing it.

Hair Cell Regeneration
Guest article on the promise of hair cell regeneration as a potential cure for hearing loss.

Hearing Protection
When noise threatens your hearing or your child's there are several methods of protecting your hearing.

Profile - Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program
Profile of the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program run by the Federal government.

What is a Hearing Amplifier?
What is a hearing amplifier and why it is not the same as a hearing aid.

How to Remove Ear Wax
Do's and Don'ts to remove ear wax safely. What to try at home and when you need to see a doctor.

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