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Becoming an interpreter

Becoming an interpreter, including educational interpreting, organizations, jobs, carpal tunnel syndrome, and books.

Sign Language Interpreting Degrees
Where can aspiring sign language interpreters get sign language degrees?

How to Become an Interpreter
Want to become an sign language, oral, cued speech, or deaf interpreter? This article explains how to become one.

How do I find a job as an interpreter?
Many people studying sign language want to know how to find employment as interpreters.

Relay Service Employment
How people with the right qualifications can find employment with telecommunications relay services as either a text relay services communications assistant, or a video relay services communications assistant.

Top Interpreting Books
The best books on interpreting, suggested by interpreters themselves.

Readers Share Why They Became Interpreters
Interpreters share the reasons that they chose to become interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Interpreters, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sign language interpreters have to be careful about carpal tunnel syndrome.

What Is a Sign Language Interpreter Salary Like?
How much salary does a sign language interpreter earn? It depends.

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