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DeafBlind and Disabilities

Many people are both deaf and blind. Syndromes causing deafblindness and individual deafblind people such as Helen Keller.
  1. Deaf Plus Disabilities (7)

What Is It Like to Be Deaf-Blind?
What is it like to be deaf-blind, and what are some of the challenges faced by deaf-blind people, especially children?

Deaf and Blind - Coping With Being Deaf and Blind
About.com readers who are both deaf and blind, discuss how they cope with the experience.

Feature article on deafblindness.

Deafblind Triplet Daughters
Profile of a family with deafblind triplet daughters.

Helen Keller
Helen Keller is perhaps the best-known deafblind person ever.

Laura Bridgman Julia Brace
Two largely-forgotten deafblind women from the 19th century.

Usher Syndrome
Feature article on Usher Syndrome, a condition that causes deafblindness.

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