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Deaf Community - Summertime Deaf Activities

It is Hot and You Are Deaf...


Updated June 05, 2009

Summer is here, even if the calendar does not officially say so. You are deaf or your family is. What is there for the deaf to do, or experience, in summer? And what can you do to make sure your hearing aids survive the summer weather?

Conventions and Conferences

You could attend a conference. Summertime is when many deaf and hard of hearing conferences or conventions are held around the world.

Summer camps

Deaf and hard of hearing children and teenagers today have plenty of camp programs to choose from. Not only are there camps exclusively for deaf and hard of hearing, but many disability camps offer deaf weeks.


You can travel around the world, with the help of travel companies servicing deaf people or regular travel companies that offer deaf services.

Amusement Parks

Beginning as early as May, many amusement parks and zoos have deaf awareness days. For example, the Six Flags chain of amusement parks has deaf days at its parks in Largo, Maryland (Six Flags America), St. Louis, Missouri, Vallejo, California (Marine World), and Houston, Texas (Astroworld). In addition, so does Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Kings Dominion in Virginia, and Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


Before the Fourth of July, we have Deaf-Blind Awareness Week. This week is the last week of June.

For the Dog Days

When the "dog days" arrive, the hearing aids need protection. Check the article on Hot Weather Protection for Hearing Aids for some ideas.

Summer's End

After summer has technically ended but it is still warm, there is Deaf Awareness Week, in late September.
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