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Aspects of deaf culture, including audism, deaf of deaf, big d small d deaf, quizzes, movies, and books.
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Top Deaf Culture Books
Books on deaf culture recommended by either your guide or About Deafness visitors.

What is audism? Learn about this term used in the deaf community, and share comments.

Deaf? Disabled? Both?
Do Deaf people consider themselves to be disabled or only deaf? Forum members debate the question.

Acceptance by the Deaf Community
Forum members discuss gaining acceptance by the deaf community when you are a new signer, late deafened, or an oral deaf person. Read their comments and share your experiences.

Jonah Syndrome
About Deafness made its own unwitting contribution to deaf culture when it invented the term "Jonah Syndrome" to describe blatant disregard for the obvious needs of the deaf.

Examples of Jonah Syndrome
Jonah Syndrome is a term I coined to describe incidents when something is deaf-related yet not made accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing? What's the Difference?
Many people don't know what the difference between deaf and hard of hearing is. The truth is, there isn't really that much of a difference!

Deafness Views - Pathological vs Cultural
There are two types of views of deafness - the pathological and the cultural.

"Cures" for Deafness
Perhaps one of the funniest articles at About Deafness - cures for deafness throughout history, plus submissions from About visitors.

Big D, Small d
Have you ever heard the term "big D" and "small d" in the deaf/hoh community? What does it mean?

Deaf of Deaf
A small but proud segment of the deaf community - the deaf of deaf.

Audism - Reactions to Audism
Readers describe experiences with audism, which is a superior attitude towards deafness, and explain how they responded.

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