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Deaf Heritage - Big Quiz

Challenge Your Knowledge of Deaf Heritage


Updated April 08, 2009

7. Which school for the deaf published The Silent Worker?

a) American School for the Deaf
b) Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
c) Katzenbach School for the Deaf
d) Alabama School for the Deaf

8. Oil was discovered on the land of which school for the deaf?

a) New England
b) New Mexico
c) New Jersey
d) Texas

9. Which school for the deaf is located on an island?

a) Delaware School for the Deaf
b) Clarke School for the Deaf
c) Governor Baxter School for the Deaf
d) Rhode Island School for the Deaf

10. Which school for the deaf began as an orphanage?

a) Christian School for the Deaf, New York
b) Lutheran School for the Deaf, Michigan
c) Kansas State School for the Deaf
d) Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf d) 15


1. Who is the deaf person associated with the invention of the football huddle?

a) Paul Daniels
b) Paul Huddle
c) Paul Hubbard
d) Paul Robeson

2. What year was the National Deaf Bowling Association formed?

a) 1965
b) 1968
c) 1963
d) 1964

3. Which school for the deaf's basketball team was the first to win a state-wide tournament?

a) Nebraska School for the Deaf
b) New York School for the Deaf
c) New Jersey School for the Deaf
d) Arkansas School for the Deaf

4. Deaf swimmer/lifeguard Leroy Colombo received an award for saving a life. Whose life did he save?

a) A dog's
b) A child's
c) A rich man's
d) An important official

5. Who was the wrestler known as "The Mighty Atom" at Gallaudet College in the 1920s?

a) Frederick Schreiber
b) Nathan Zapato
c) Nathan Zimble
d) Danny London

6. Who won the National Golden Gloves Championship in 1946?

a) William Dillsworth
b) Thomas Martin
c) Eugene Hairston
d) Danny London

7. Who was the deaf professional baseball player whose actions caused a game to be called because of rain?

a) Dummy Hoy
b) George Leitner
c) Curtis Pride
d) Dummy Taylor

8. When did the World Games for the Deaf begin?

a) 1934
b) 1904
c) 1924
d) 1915

9. Who was the deaf boxer featured in a Ripley's Believe it or Not cartoon?

a) Hilton Fitzpatrick
b) Eugene Hairston
c) Danny London
d) Everett Rattan


1. Who is the deaf actor who was the star of his own television program, "The Quiet Man?"

a) Lou Ferrigno
b) Anthony Natale
c) Bernard Bragg
d) Darrell Utley

2. Who is the National Theatre of the Deaf graduate that appeared on Sesame Street?"

a) Julianna Fjeld
b) Terrylene
c) Ed waterstreet
d) Linda Bove

3. Who had the title role in Children of a Lesser God on Broadway?

a) Phyllis Frelich
b) Marlee Matlin
c) Linda Bove
d) Terrylene

4. What was the title of the Waltons TV program that featured a deaf girl?

a) The Orphan
b) The Deaf Girl
c) The Foundling
d) The Deaf Child

5. Who was the deaf boy in the '70s program James at 15?

a) Ed Waterstreet
b) Jeffrey Bravin
c) Kevin Van Wieringen
d) Darrell Utley

6. Who played the deaf boy in one episode of the popular '80s program Family Ties?

a) Greg Hlibok
b) Darrell Utley
c) Kevin Van Wieringen
d) Jeff Bravin

7. What was the title of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that featured a deaf person?
a) Loud as a whistle
b) Loud as a whisper
c) Loud as a voice
d) Loud as a silent voice

8. Who was the deaf actress on the Beauty and the Beast TV program?

a) Linda Bove
b) Marlee Matlin
c) Terrylene
d) Julianna Fjeld

9. What was the title of the episode of Little House on the Prairie that featured a deaf teen?

a) Silent Vows
b) Silent Wishes
c) Silent Promises
d) Silent Actions

10. Who was the deaf teen who played Lydia in the movie Children of a Lesser God?

a) Rebecca Lovitch
b) Terrylene
c) Allison Gompf
d) Julianna Fjeld


1. Square
2. Matthew Moore
3. Swamp
4. NTID Focus
5. William Castle
6. Robert Frisina
7. Shumway
8. Southtown Plaza
9. Quarter Mile
10. Robert Panara

1. G&G's
2. Gil Eastman
3. Buff and Blue
4. Tower Clock
5. Marlee Matlin
6. Abbey
7. World Around You
8. Willy Conley
9. Clerc Hall
10. National deaf-mute college

1. Booth, McGregor, Hodgson
2. 1967
3. American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf
4. 120
5. Rocky
6. Ronnie Mae Tyson
7. As a newsletter/small mailing list
8. Cochlear Implant Association
9. 1977
10. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
11. 29

1. Henry White
2. 1872
3. Mason Cogswell
4. Amanda Johnson and Julius Carrett
5. Mrs. Spencer Tracy
6. Central Institute for the Deaf
7. Katzenbach School for the Deaf
8. New Mexico
9. Governor Baxter School for the Deaf
10. Lutheran School for the Deaf, Michigan

1. Paul Hubbard
2. 1963
3. Nebraska School for the Deaf
4. A dog's
5. Nathan Zimble
6. Eugene Hairston
7. Dummy Taylor
8. 1924
9. Danny London

1. Bernard Bragg
2. Linda Bove
3. Phyllis Frelich
4. The Foundling
5. Kevin Van Wieringen
6. Darrell Utley
7. Loud as a Whisper
8. Terrylene
9. Silent Promises
10. Allison Gompf

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