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Dictionary of Terms Used in Hearing Loss

Deafness and hearing loss is a broad and complex topic. Here you can find short definitions for the many words and terms associated with deafness and hearing loss. The terms range from medical terms to cultural terms. These glossary terms are based on material from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, and content at About.com: Deafness.
  1. Deafness Glossary A - B (26)
  2. Deafness Glossary C - D (19)
  3. Deafness Glossary E - K (20)
  4. Deafness Glossary L - M (13)
  5. Deafness Glossary N - P (24)
  6. Deafness Glossary Q - S (16)
  7. Deafness Glossary T - Z (17)
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