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Deanne Bray-Kotsur - Sue Thomas F.B.Eye Actress


Updated June 26, 2014

Q: What else are you interested in besides acting?

A: Editing. I enjoy editing short films that my husband and I shoot. Troy and I enjoy spending time with Kyra, our daughter (hearing and bilingual), and witnessing her humor, developing language, and cognitive thinking.

Q: What advice, if any, would you give another deaf actor (actress) about to star in a TV program?

A: Get an education and finish school. I believe that education leads to freedom and once you have it, you can become anything you want. When you star in a TV program, please make the best of it and enjoy what you have at the moment.

Q: How are you and Troy involved in your local deaf community?

A: We have been involved with many events in the Deaf community. I joined the Deaf Vagina Monologue group performing at the Phoenix College in 2005 while I was 3 months pregnant. I joined a fundraising event in Toronto while four months pregnant for the Deaf Culture Centre Museum which is in Toronto. I was a speaker for a high school graduation at the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf and for a middle school in California School for the Deaf, Riverside [when] I was six months pregnant. I am on the board of KODAWest (Kids of Deaf Adults) organization that focuses events, workshops, and camps. KODAWest's motto is: "Where kids can be kids and Deaf parents unite."

Troy and I will be Master of Ceremonies (MCs) for the Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness's annual fundraising event at the House of Blues in mid May 2009. We were MCs at Norcal (Deaf organization in Northern California) and DCARA (in Berkeley). Troy was just involved with Marlton's (a school in Los Angeles) career day event as an MC and then was just asked to give a speech for their graduation day for June 2009.

While being pregnant with Kyra, Troy and I worked with Signsforintelligence production in making a DVD project called "What to Expect: Your Pregnancy." It's signed in ASL with voice over and contains three DVDs focusing on the three trimesters so women can learn tips on how to have the best possible healthy pregnancy. Producing the DVD took us two years to complete!

Q: Is Troy still acting?

A: Troy does a one man show all over the states. He has also directed two children's plays at DeafWest Theatre. Troy was just in the musical play, Pippin, which ended last month. He was a guest star on [CSI: New York and Scrubs. He also works with Jevon Whetter who is now a student at American Film Institute (AFI), a well-known film institute. Troy is working on two projects for a possible stage play, and hopefully it will happen next year. Can't say much about that right now.

Q: Your website says you are a teacher. What do you teach? Sign language?

A: I was aiming for a single subject teaching credential for high school -- science. I taught science and math but [two months ago I took a job] as a Drama teacher at California School for the Deaf, Riverside.

Q: Your website says you are working on a master's in education. Is this a master's in deaf education or education in general?

A: Masters in Deaf education. Teaching credential for Deaf education and Masters in Deaf Ed.

Q: After Sue Thomas ended, I personally hoped to see you star or costar in more vehicles. It apparently didn't happen. Why not? I thought that after Sue Thomas you would have received plenty of offers.

A: There are several reasons:

One is, as you and I know, that there just aren't many opportunities for Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing actors. Actors get stereotyped and cast for only what people saw them do before, so that limited our opportunities.

Also, F.B.Eye ended in January of 2005, and I was pregnant in January. (The show didn't end because I was pregnant.) I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom for my daughter, Kyra, for at least a good two to three years before returning to work full time. I did work on a project here and there but it only took two to four days of my time each time which worked out.

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