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Marlee Matlin


Updated July 13, 2011

Marlee Matlin has demonstrated longetivity as an actress, producer, and writer. Since coming to our attention as a young adult in <I>Children of a Lesser God</I>, Marlee has won fans across the deaf and hearing spectrum. In addition, she has made a name for herself as an activist and has a huge Twitter following.

Marlee Matlin - Profile

A profile of Marlee Matlin, summarizing her career.

Marlee Matlin on Deafness

Marlee Matlin wrote an exclusive article for About.com on what it means to be deaf.

Marlee Matlin - Interview

Marlee Matlin gave an exclusive interview to About.com.

Review - Marlee Matlin's Book I'll Scream Later

Your guide read and wrote an honest review of Marlee Matlin's autobiography, "I'll Scream Later."

Jack Jason - Marlee Matlin's Interpreter

About.com was able to interview Jack Jason, Marlee Matlin's long-time interpreter.

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