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Vendor - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Products - HearMore


Updated March 27, 2012

About HearMore:

HearMore is based in Farmingdale, New York. It is also a Deaf-owned company.

HearMore Website Features:

Account registration, electronic shopping cart, and live support. There is a new product category, and a "specials" category. Customers can write reviews for products. At the bottom of each individual product description is a "related products" category and a "customers who bought this also bought" category.

HearMore Product Categories:

Product categories, or stores within a store. Within some stores, products are organized by manufacturer: Deaf, Hard of Hearing (has more amplification devices and listening devices), Health Care (e.g., stethoscopes, vibrating pill reminders, and products for low vision), Books/Videos (e.g., sign language, deaf culture, etc.), Electronics (e.g., driving aids), Novelties (e.g. games and toys), and Wireless Pagers.


HearMore does ship internationally, but international orders must be in writing and paid in U.S. dollars.

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