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Diseases and Syndromes Causing Hearing Loss

Diseases and syndromes that cause hearing loss, including rubella, meningitis, CMV, and Glue Ear.

Acoustic Neurinoma
Basic facts on acoustic neurinoma, a lesser known cause of hearing loss.

AIDS/HIV and Hearing Loss
Does AIDS/HIV cause hearing loss? Maybe it does, and maybe not.

Alport Syndrome, A Cause of Hearing Loss
Alport Syndrome is a syndrome that causes hearing loss, plus it causes kidneys to fail and causes problems with the eyes.

Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease
Feature article on autoimmune inner ear disease, one of the rarer causes of hearing loss.

BOR Syndrome, A Cause of Hearing Loss
Profile of BOR Syndrome, a cause of hearing loss that also involves additional problems.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder
CAPD is a little-understood yet common disorder that causes a form of deafness in hearing people.

Chicken Pox and Hearing Loss
Chicken pox can cause hearing loss in children and adults, especially adults.

Basics of cholesteatomas, and sources of support.

Cytomegalovirus and Deafness
Congenital cytomegalovirus is one of the more common causes of hearing loss, and it is almost as damaging as Rubella.

Diabetes and Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is yet another complication of diabetes. How does diabetes cause hearing loss? How common is it among diabetics?

Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome
Enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome, also known as LVAS, is a fairly common condition causing hearing loss.

Goldenhar Syndrome
Goldenhar Syndrome is a fairly rare syndrome associated with hearing loss.

Connexin 26 and Hearing Loss
Connexin 26 is a known genetic cause of hearing loss.

Meniere's Disease
Meniere's disease is a common disorder of dizziness and hearing loss.

A look at this very deadly disease, that if survived, often deafens the person.

Microtia is a deformity of the ear that causes hearing loss.

Mondini Syndrome
A malformation of the cochlea, causing hearing losses of varying degrees.

Mumps Effects Include Deafness
Mumps effects include deafness. Although the mumps have largely been eliminated, the virus still exists.

This hearing loss-related condition can be treated with surgery.

Feature article on this condition, also known as age-related hearing loss.

Feature article on rubella, which made me and thousands of others deaf in the 1960s. Part of the Growing Up Deaf series.

Treacher Collins Syndrome
Treacher Collins syndrome is a craniofacial disorder that often causes hearing loss among numerous other symptoms.

Waardenburg Syndrome
A look at the different types of Waardenburg Syndrome, which causes hearing loss and other symptoms like white hair.

Toxoplasmosis and Hearing Loss
Toxoplasmosis, hearing loss, and prevention and treatment.

Cause of Hearing Loss - Glue Ear
Glue ear is a known cause of hearing loss.

Herpes Simplex and Hearing Loss
Herpes simplex is a known, rare cause of hearing loss.

Drugs Can Be Ototoxic
Ototoxicity is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. When taken or administered, some drugs can cause the patient to become deaf or hard of hearing.

Usher Syndrome
Feature article on Usher Syndrome, a condition that causes deafblindness.

CMV: The Second Leading Cause of Childhood Hearing Loss
CMV cytomegalovirus causes of hearing loss in children causes of late onset hearing loss in children

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