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Deaf Community Events

Events in the deaf community, including nationally observed events such as Deaf Awareness Day.

Deaf Awareness Week
Article about Deaf Awareness Week, always held the last full week of September.

Show or Tell What You Did for Deaf Awareness
What did your class or organization do to increase understanding and awareness of deafness? Tell what you did for deaf awareness, and what the results were.

Conventions are one way to socialize and keep up with happenings in the deaf/hoh community.

Deaf Event Calendars
It can be difficult to keep track of all the social and professional events in the deaf community. This FAQ page refers resources for finding and tracking deaf community events.

Better Hearing and Speech Month
Feature article on this annual hearing loss awareness event.

Clerc-Gallaudet Week
Article about this deaf community holiday that honors two very important men in deaf history.

Deaf-Blind Awareness Week
Article on DeafBlind Awareness Week, held at the beginning of the summer.

Deaf History Month
Brief profile of Deaf History Month.

Mother Father Deaf Day
One day a year, the deaf parents of hearing children are honored.

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