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Thoughts on Deaf Miss Americas


Updated September 10, 2010

Will we ever have another deaf Miss America? Here is what About visitors think:

I think we might have another deaf Miss America. It just depends on how much faith that young lady has in herself, if she doesn't think she can do it then she won't be able to. I beleive the reason Heather Whitestone McCullum won the title of Miss America 1995 is because she believed in herself and trusted God with the resluts no matter what they were.

Yes, I think there will be another one, because Heather effected all the deaf and hard of hearing people around the world.

I'm studying ASL right now, and I LOVE to sign. I realy hope there is another deaf Ms. America.

I am a friend of Heather Whitestone McCallum and I must say that after her win there should be another Miss America with a variety of disabilities. Deafness is only one disabilty. Yes, Heather is a person first and her disability is second.

I think there should be another Miss America who is a person first and deaf second. I also had the blessing of meeting and going to school with Heather Whitestone Mccallum. She is a kind and very compassionate young lady. I admire her strength and her ability to not let deafness stop her from enjoying life. I also admire her ability of embracing her continued effort to hear her two young sons' voices.

I believe there should be another Miss America who is a person first and deaf second. I also believe sign language shouldn't be banned from the Miss America pageants. If another Miss America is chosen who is deaf, she should be allowed to (speak if she's not mute), use an interpreter and sign language.

Also, in future Miss America pageants closed-captioned should be made available. When Heather was crowned Miss America 1995 there was no closed-captioning. I missed part of the program because I also hearing-impaired and use sign language.
- About Visitor

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