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Profile of Terrylene - A Deaf Actress


Updated May 04, 2009

Terrylene's Career Starts:

Terrylene began her career as Terrylene Theriot, before dropping the Theriot and becoming just Terrylene. Her acting career actually began at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C.

Terrylene's Major Television Roles:

Terrylene is best known for her recurring role as Laura Williams in the television program Beauty and the Beast, which aired from 1987 to 1990. Returning to television, she played Mary Mooney on the UPN show Veronica Mars (October 2005). In addition, she has had guest roles on well known shows like Doogie Howser and E.R.

Terrylene's Major Stage Roles:

Terrylene starred in the play Sweet Nothing in My Ear, about cochlear implants. She has also had one-woman shows. One of these one-woman shows has been adapted into a feature film.

Articles About Terrylene:

Terrylene has been on the cover of Deaf Life magazine, in their July 1992 issue.

Terrylene's Website:

Terrylene has a personal website, Terrylene.com. On Terrylene.com, readers will find the latest news about her current and upcoming roles. The site also has a page of all her acting credits. There is an e-mail list for fans to subscribe to.
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