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Making Sure Our Children Learn


Updated January 09, 2012

Nothing is more important in the deaf community and to deaf heritage, than deaf education. Schools and programs for the deaf are where many deaf children and teenagers make their friends for life, even where they may meet their future spouses. Deaf education is closely tied to deaf history as well, with some schools for the deaf predating the Civil War.

Parents of deaf children usually have access to a school for the deaf, or a regional or local mainstreaming or center program for the deaf. Some may opt to homeschool their deaf children. If parents are fortunate enough to live in an area that has both, they may be able to choose between a program offering sign language, or a program that focuses on oral education.

Historic Figures in Deaf Education

Abbe De l'Epee
This French man played a pivotal role in the history of deaf education.

Samuel Heinicke
Learn more about the father of oral deaf education.

Thomas H. Gallaudet
Thomas Gallaudet is the hearing man for whom Gallaudet University, a college for the deaf, is named.

Personal Experiences with Deaf Education

Alone in the Mainstream
A deaf woman wrote a book about her experiences and that of others, being mainstreamed. Anne McIntosh, Ph.D., wrote the review for About.com.

Amy Rowley and Me
In the early '80s, a deaf girl fought for an interpreter in school, and her case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Part of the Growing Up Deaf series.

Growing Up Deaf - Classroom Ghost
I remember what it is like to be deaf/hard of hearing and in a classroom without an interpreter. Part of the Growing Up Deaf series.

Growing Up Deaf - Mainstreamed and Left Out
I remember that when I was in early elementary school, I did not even know my classmates' names. Part of the Growing Up Deaf series.

Issues and Challenges in Deaf Education

Deaf Children with Learning Disabilities
It is difficult enough being a parent of a deaf child. Add on learning disabilities, and you have a real challenge.

Deaf Immigrant Students
As the United States' immigrant population has grown, so has the number of immigrant deaf students, who present educational challenges.

Deaf People and English
Literacy for deaf people has always been a concern for parents and teachers of deaf children. This editorial looks at the issue of low language skill levels.

Deaf School or Mainstream Program?
A hotly debated topic on the About Deafness forum was whether deaf kids should go to deaf schools or mainstream programs.

Does ASL Teach English?
About Deafness forum members debated whether American Sign Language (ASL) is a valid tool for teaching English.

Interpreter Fights
School districts with tight budgets may shortchange deaf and hard of hearing students on interpreting services. That's exactly what happened to the parent in this article.

Mainstreaming and Center Programs
Deaf students in public schools may have the choice of attending either a mainstream program or a center program. What is the difference between a mainstream program and a center program?

Deafness and Attention Deficit Disorder
It is not unusual for a deaf child to be misdiagnosed as having attention deficit disorder when the child is only deaf.

Sexual Abuse of Deaf Students in Schools
Unfortunately, sexual abuse has happened and does happen, in schools and programs for the deaf.

Information for Prospective Teachers of the Deaf/HOH

How can someone prepare for a career specializing in teaching deaf and hard of hearing students? They can attend a deaf education program and obtain degrees or certification in the field. Ideally, the program should be one that has been validated as meeting standards for instruction in deaf education.

Information for Parents and Teachers

Classroom Environment for Deaf Students

Classroom Acoustics
Hard of hearing students can have a really difficult time if a classroom has poor acoustics.

Classroom Accessibility
The days are long gone when an educator would panic at the thought of a deaf or hard of hearing student in their classroom. Today, educators have several options to choose from for making their classrooms accessible.

FM Listening Systems
For young children especially, FM systems may help deaf and hard of hearing children to hear in the classroom.

Including Deaf Students in the Classroom
Suggestions and resources for teachers to make life easier for deaf and hard of hearing students in the mainstream classroom.

General Information for Parents and Teachers

About.com has profiles of United States schools for the deaf, to aid parents seeking information about schools for the deaf in their area.

Back to School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
General resources for support and information on deaf education.

Bilingual-Bicultural Education
Bilingual-bicultural education is a schooling option that involves using American Sign Language to teach English.

Cued Speech
Cued speech can be used to help deaf children learn language. This article points to cued speech resources on the internet. Plus, About Deafness forum members discuss their cued speech success stories.

Deaf and Music
Deaf people can enjoy music, plus it plays an important role in education for deaf children.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Deaf and Hearing Students
Financial aid or scholarships targeted for deaf students, and for hearing students with deaf-related career aspirations.

Helping Foreign Deaf Students
Gallaudet University has a little known scholarship fund to aid foreign deaf students attending Gallaudet.

Homeschooling Deaf Children
Resources and information for parents interested in homeschooling their deaf children.

Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
A mainstreamed deaf child may not have a regular teacher of the deaf, but an itinerant one. An itinerant teacher travels from school to school to work with deaf students.

Literacy Resources for Teaching Deaf Children
A quick guide to some of the best resources for helping deaf and hard of hearing children learn to read and write.

Sex Education for Deaf Students
Sex education for deaf students is an important part of their education. Resources for sex education information for deaf students.

Tutoring for Deaf College Students
For struggling deaf college students attending either deaf or hearing colleges, tutoring services are available. Gallaudet University also offers advice on how to get tutoring services.

Readers Respond: Your Satisfaction with the Quality of Your Deaf Education

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