1. Health

Health Issues in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Health and social issues in the deaf community, including AIDS, abuse, substance abuse, sex education, and mental health.
  1. Domestic and Child Abuse (2)
  2. Mental Health (4)

AIDS in the Deaf Community
Feature article on AIDS in the deaf community.

Deaf People in Hospice Care
Communication access is very important for deaf people who are in hospice care. As life comes to an end, being able to make your needs known is crucial.

Deafness and Substance Abuse
Feature article on substance abuse by deaf and hard of hearing people, and the resources available for education and treatment.

Sex Education for Deaf Students
Information and resources on helping deaf students gain a sexual understanding.

Sexual Signs
Sources of signs for common human sexuality terms.

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
sudden hearing loss single sided deafness hearing loss

Nutrition and Hearing Loss
nutrition hearing loss antioxidants

CMV: The Second Leading Cause of Childhood Hearing Loss
CMV cytomegalovirus causes of hearing loss in children causes of late onset hearing loss in children

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