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Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss


Updated February 21, 2011

Picture of Audeo hearing instrument from Phonak

Phonak Audeo hearing instrument.

Image © Phonak
Hearing aids help people with mild to severe hearing losses. I grew up wearing hearing aids until my hearing loss became too severe for hearing aids. However, hearing aids can help most people who have a hearing loss that is not too severe.

Hearing Aids

Before Getting Hearing Aids

Audiology - Booth Hearing Tests
What happens in a booth hearing test for a baby, toddler, young child, or adult?

What is a Hearing Aid?
What a traditional behind the ear hearing aid is, and looks like.

Types of Hearing Aids
Modern hearing aids have come a long way. One type of hearing aid quickly gaining popularity is the implantable hearing aid. Also see History of Hearing Aids, about hearing aids, from trumpets to modern behind the ear aids.

Hearing Aids - Digital vs Analog
Digital hearing aids or analog hearing aids? The battle is basically over - digital hearing aids have won, but a few people still prefer analog.

Buying Hearing Aids
Learn about the basics of buying hearing aids. Some people believe hearing aids are overpriced. Some people have tried hearing amplifiers, but hearing amplifiers are not hearing aids. Fortunately, there are ways to cover the cost of hearing aids, and About.com readers have shared some of the ways they have managed hearing aid costs.

Many companies manufacture hearing aids. About.com Deafness has profiled Miracle-Ear, Oticon, Siemens, and Starkey. In addition, several manufacturers' products can be sampled in the Hearing Aid Gallery.

Insurance and Hearing Aids
Insurance companies often do not cover hearing aids. This is why the Hearing Industries Association is working to get legislation passed to require insurance companies to at least partially cover the cost of hearing aids.

Assistance for Hearing Aids and CIs
Can't afford a hearing aid or a CI and insurance won't pay? Help is available.

Young Children and Hearing Aids
Sometimes young deaf or hard of hearing child will not wear their hearing aids, or will only wear them a short time before taking them out. Also see the blog post, Fighting Over Hearing Aids.

What to do with Used Hearing Aids
Old hearing aids can be given new life through recycling programs.


Common Questions About Hearing Aid Batteries
Frequently asked questions about hearing aid batteries.

Buying Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Batteries
Both hearing aids and cochlear implants need batteries. Where to get them?

Can Hearing Aid Batteries Be Swalllowed?
Unfortunately, yes, especially by young children.

What to do with Used Hearing Aid Batteries
When hearing aid batteries wear out, what do you do with them?


Earmold Allergies
Some people are allergic to their earmolds, and solutions are available. Also see the blog post Help with Uncomfortable Earmold.

Experiences with Hearing Aids

Growing Up Deaf - Wearing Body Aids
Deaf and hard of hearing people of a certain age will remember wearing body-worn hearing aids with harnesses. Definitely not a pleasant memory for some people.

Long ago, I thought that there wasn't any harm in turning my hearing aid up to its highest volume. Boy, was I wrong.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids - Improved Relationships
The Better Hearing Institute on how hearing aids can improve love life.

Why I Love My Hearing Aid
About.com Deafness forum members discuss why they love their hearing aids.

Care and Maintenance

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance
How to care for and maintain hearing aids.

Hot Weather Protection for Hearing Aids
Ways to protect hearing aids from damage caused by hot weather.

Challenges with Hearing Aids

Cell Phones and Hearing Aids
Are you able to use a cell phone with your hearing aid? Possible problems, and legal/technical solutions.

Blog Posts About Hearing Aids

Discussion and questions about hearing aids come up frequently on the About.com Deafness blog and on the About.com Deafness forum.
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