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Updated July 01, 2009

This is a gallery of pictures of hearing aids, or hearing instruments, from multiple companies. Hearing aids are usually used by people whose hearing loss is not severe enough, or who do not qualify for, cochlear implants. Modern hearing aids come in multiple styles and colors, and range from traditional behind the ear hearing aids to invisible and in the ear canal. The designs are sleek, and even sexy at times.

So many choices are available that it would be impossible to include all in this gallery. Not only that, today's hearing aids are essentially wearable computers, with digital programming and wireless technology, and many if not most do not require earmolds. The ones here are merely representative of what is out there, and not all hearing aid manufacturers are represented in this gallery. Visit a healthcare professional for more selections and recommendations for your level of hearing loss.

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Picture of a Hansaton AQ hearing instrumentHansaton AQMontage of Hansaton Leonardo model hearing aidHansaton Leonardo MontagePicture of Lyric extended wear hearing aid from Insound MedicalInsound Medical Lyric Hearing AidMontage of hearing aids from MagnatoneMagnatone Hearing Aids
Picture of example of Oticon Epoq hearing instrumentOticon Epoq ModelPicture of Audeo hearing instrument from PhonakPhonak Audeo ModelPhoto montage of Phonak Audeo hearing aid in multiple colorsPhonak Audeo Model MultiColorPicture of Savia hearing instrument from PhonakPhonak Savia Model
Picture of a hearing aid from RionRion HB-54 Waterproof ModelMontage of hearing aids from WidexWidex Hearing Aids
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