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Holiday signs

Sign language for the holidays, including Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Valentine's Day.

Holiday Signs
What are the sign language words for holidays like Christmas and Halloween? Here is a guide to sources for signs for these holiday words.

Sign Language - Chanukah
Sign language for Chanukah.

Sign Language - Christmas
How do you sign the words for Christmas in sign language? See examples of how to sign Christmas, santa claus, reindeer, stockings, and wreath.

Sign Language - Easter
Sign language for the Easter holiday.

Sign Language - Halloween
Signs for words commonly associated with Halloween.

Sign Language - Thanksgiving
How do you sign the words for Thanksgiving? See examples of how to sign corn, indian, pie, pilgrim, potato, pumpkin, thank, thanksgiving, and turkey.

Sign Language - Valentine's Day
Here are examples of how to sign words associated with Valentine's Day, such as heart, red, and rose.

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