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International Deaf Communities

International deaf communities, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Ireland, and Peru.

Deaf People in International Communities
A series of articles about deafness around the world.

Argentina's Deaf Community
Article on the deaf community of Argentina, including sign language information.

Armenia's Deaf Community
Guest article by Marina Nercessian about deafness in Armenia.

Australia's Deaf Community
Article about the deaf community of Australia, including Australia's sign language.

Brazil's Deaf Community
Article about Brazil's deaf community, including the sign language used in Brazil.

China's Deaf Community
China has a large deaf population, plenty of schools, does research, and more.

Colombia's Deaf Community
A look at the deaf community of Colombia, in Latin America.

Germany's Deaf Community
An overview of the deaf community in Germany.

India's Deaf Community
Deafness information for India, including schools and nongovernmental organizations.

Iran's Deaf Community
A look at deafness in Iran.

Ireland's Deaf Community
Article about the deaf community of Ireland, including Irish sign language.

Mexico's Deaf Community
A "virtual visit" to Mexico and its deaf community.

Peru's Deaf Community
A look at deafness in Peru.

South Africa's Deaf Community
South Africa has a well-established deaf community, well-served by schools, organizations, service agencies, and more.

Canada's Deaf Community
Want to know more about Canada's deaf and hard of hearing community? Learn more about organizations and services for the deaf and hard of hearing in Canada.

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