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Deafness in India

Rapidly Developing Deaf Community


Updated June 27, 2014

Parent Organizations

In addition, there is a parent-run organization, The Deaf Way (www.thedeafway.net). Unfortunately, their website appears to not have been updated for a few years. There is also a parent-run organization, Suniye, based in New Delhi.

Deaf Education Organizations

India also has deaf education organizations that set up schools for the deaf and hard of hearing, offer speech and auditory therapy, provide educational placement services, and train teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, such as:

  • Andhra Pradesh state - Society For Education Of The Deaf & Blind
  • Haryana state
    • Welfare Centre (Society) for Hearing & Speech Handicapped branches in several cities: Ambala, Guragon, Hissar, Sirsa, and Sonipat
    • Chandigarh Society for the Deaf & Dumb
  • Karnataka state - Parents Association of Deaf Children (Mysore)
  • Maharashtra state
    • Central Society for the Education of the Deaf
    • Education Audiology & Research Society (Serves children, trains teachers, has a school)
    • Aural Education for the Hearing Impaired (auditory verbal)
    • Blind Deaf and Handicapped Vidyalaya
    • Shri Swami Samarath Deaf & Dumb Teachers Training Centre (Solapur)
    • Suno Center For Hearing Impaired Infants and Children (auditory therapy)
  • Rajasthan state - Badhit Bal Vikas Kendra (Kota) (www.bbvk.org)

Government and Community Services for the Deaf in India

Government Agencies

The Rehabilitation Council of India (rehabcouncil.nic.in/home.htm)offers interpreter training, maintains a National Directory of Interpreters, and provides training to teachers of the deaf.

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in New Delhi runs the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute For The Hearing Handicapped(www.ayjnihh.nic.in/). It is a national government agency with both regional and district centers. Ali Yavar runs an auditory verbal preschool, does research, and offers vocational training. The Institute also offers bachelors degrees in deaf education and has a website devoted to jobs for the deaf in India, www.jobsfordeaf.nic.in.

Speech and Hearing Centers in India

India has many speech and hearing centers. Centers can be found all over. For example, in Karnataka state there is the All India Institute Of Speech & Hearing in Mysore, and the Institute Of Speech & Hearing in Bangalore.

Social Service and Vocational Training

India has several vocational training centers and social service organizations for the deaf, including:

  • Deaf Relief Association of Calicut (Kerala state)
  • Deaf and Dumb Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd (New Delhi)
  • Multipurpose Training Center for the Deaf (New Delhi)
  • Deaf and Dumb Industrial Institute of Latur (Maharashtra state)
  • Training Centre For The Adult Deaf in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Uddami Computer Training Centre (uddami.org) of West Bengal teaches deaf and hearing computer skills together.

The All India Federation of the DeafThere had published the out of print book, Services for the deaf in India.

In addition, blind organizations service the deafblind. For example, the Blind People's Association (www.bpaindia.org). The case studies page on their website included a story about a young deafblind woman who, after the education she received through the association, became a beautician.

Nongovernmental Organizations and Ministries in India

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

Many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operate in India, providing support to deaf schools, offering vocational training, etc.

  • Ann Foundation (www.annfoundation.org) has supported schools for the deaf, providing hearing aids
  • Deafchild India is a Deafax program (www.deafax.org/Projects/Deafchild%20India/Home.htm) operated by the Nambikkai Foundation. The Nambikkai Foundation was itself started by Ian Stillman, who was involved in some controversy earlier. Deafchild India focuses on children as its name implies, providing education and computer training.
  • Deaf Reach in Hyderabad (www.deafvision.net/deafreach/) focuses on employment for deaf adults, although it also provides leaderhip, computer, and English training. (Note: This organization is not to be confused with the Washington, DC-based Deaf-Reach).
  • Educare (www.educaresite.org/) provides financial help to schools for the deaf in india
  • I Hear Foundation (www.ihearfoundation.org/), based in Mumbai, promotes oral education for young deaf infants and babies. Provides infant hearing screenings.
  • India Development and Relief Fund (www.idrf.org) provides support to two oral schools for the deaf in Calcutta, West Bengal.
  • The International Deaf Children's Society (IDCS) India program (www.idcs.info/regional_programmes/idcsindia/index.html) provides support for services to improve the lives of deaf children and families in India.
  • Monsoon Trust in the U.K. (www2.monsoon.co.uk/trust.htm) supports deaf education and a school in Jaipur.

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