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Sign Language Word Reference Guide - T1

Letter T


Updated August 28, 2011

Below are sources for the signs for the words from tabernacle to take care of. Some of the sources are online, and others may be in print. More words can be found in the master Sign Language Reference Guide.

The Sign Language Word Reference Guide lists words found in sign language dictionary resources online, along with links to the dictionaries that have the sign. Each dictionary presents signs differently -- some have video, others have graphic illustrations or animated graphics.

In addition, About.com:Deafness has several mini sign language guides for signs for things such as animals, body parts, colors, numbers, school, and more. Plus, there are mini sign language guides for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day.


t Sign Language Alphabet

The signs for the words below can be found in the sign language dictionaries mentioned in Sign Language Dictionaries Online:

table lamp
taco bell
take a chance
take a picture
take advantage of
take away
take care of


Sign Language Word Reference Guide

Tabernacle - Take Care Of Take Steps - Task Tassel - Teardrop Tears - Tell Tell Me - Terminal Terminate - Thanksgiving Thank You - Theory Therapy - Thinking Third - Three Times Thrice - Tiger Tight - Today Together - Toothpaste Toothpick - Toward Towel - Tranquil Transfer - Treasurer Tree - True Truly - Turn Up Turtle - Typical

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