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Top 10 Sign Language Books


Updated June 18, 2014

These are the sign language books I have either found most helpful, or that I remember best, or that are recommended by About visitors. If you want to recommend a book, e-mail me!

1. The Gallaudet Survival Guide to Signing

A reference book with just 500 signs.
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3. The Joy of Signing

A classic of sign language learning that continues its popularity today.
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4. American Sign Language the Easy Way

An instructional book organized with lessons.
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5. Basic Course in American Sign Language

This old classic is the one that I had used to teach myself sign language in the beginning.
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6. Sign Language Made Simple

An instructional book for learning sign language.
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7. Signing Illustrated

An instructional book for learning sign language.
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8. Random House Webster's American Sign Language Dictionary

A handy dictionary of signs. Someone gave me a copy awhile ago and it is pretty handy for someone who has already learned sign language but needs to look up words.
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9. American Sign Language Dictionary

I have not seen this one, but it is known to be a classic dictionary of sign language.
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10. Learning American Sign Language

An instructional book for learning sign language. Covers both beginning and intermediate levels.
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