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Learning Sign Language

Information and resources for learning sign language, such as sign language classes, dictionaries, glossaries, and books.
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American Sign Language Alphabet
One of the easiest things to learn in sign language, is the American Sign Language Alphabet.

ASL As a Foreign Language
More schools are offering foreign language credit for learning sign language.

Best Way to Learn Sign Language?
There are many options for learning sign language, including books, videos, and classes. What works best for people trying to learn sign language?

Challenges of Learning Sign Language
Some people may find it difficult and challenging to learn sign language. Why do they find it difficult?

Deaf Attitudes Towards Hearing Learning Sign
When a hearing person learns sign language, the reaction from members of the deaf community can be either negative or positive.

Discovering Sign Language
Everyone has their own experience in discovering sign language; this one is my own.

How Can I Find a Sign Language Class?
How to find a sign language class.

How Did You Learn Sign Language
How do people learn sign language? People share their own sign language learning experiences.

How Do I Find and Hire a Sign Language Tutor?
Sign language or interpreting students may want to hire or find a sign language tutor to help them practice their American Sign Language skills. Parents of deaf and hard of hearing children also sometimes seek sign language tutors to help them more quickly master sign language.

I Love You Handshape Example
Example of how to make the I Love You sign handshape.

Why Learn Sign Language
Forum members discuss why they decided to learn sign language.

Careers Using Sign Language
Forum members discuss careers that include the use of sign language.

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