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Why Learn Sign Language

The Many Varied Reasons


Updated June 18, 2014

sign what we want to say. Even when you go out and you want to talk about some one and you don't want them to hear we then finger spell what we what to say about them. Naughty isn't it but it is just another way of communicating to us and it is beautiful.We have a lot of deaf friends. One thing I think is important is that as soon as a parents finds out their child has a hearing loss of any type that is permanent they should learn sign language, to save the poor child of the frustration of misunderstanding what is being said.(still teach them to listen and speak) but give them a visual language and the reason I say with any type of hearing loss is because most deaf people have a mild loss when they are younger but as they get older most of the time their hearing loss gets worse."
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"I have just begun learning ASL at a community college near my home. I am learning for selfish reasons ( well, not really selfish) in that I am losing my hearing. Many of my new friends in the deaf community although comfortable with reading lips have expressed to me it would be easier for me to learn to sign than it will be for me to read lips if I am completely deaf in a few years. Now, that I am becoming more familiar with it. I love it. I just wish I could have started sooner. It is a beautiful language. And so expressive. I love it.
PS Added bonus. The state of California College systems have just added it as an acceptable foreign language for transfer to four year colleges"
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"I started volunteering with Children with disabilities when i was 15 some of them signed - it intrigued me! As the years went by...I decided 8 years ago to do something about it and i passed my level 1 BSL in 1996 7 years on and i am finally in the 2nd yr of my BSL level 2 certifiate. I think it is a fabulous language, so visual and so moving. I have since found out i have minor hearing loss and have been fitted with a hearing aid. I think it should be a language that is offered at school like French and German - after all so many people sign now a days. "
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"I am a grandmother of an eight year old deaf child, and decided if others could learn I could and would so I could help my grandaughter at school and enjoy her more. It is great to be able to know her friends in her classroom and be recognized as grandma to them all. Some are such hungry little kids to be hugged and listened to. Even though I am not much beyond and eight year old in language I continue to take classes from a private teacher and keep a little bit ahead of the eight year olds. I am amazed at the answers I receive at church and school even from people who should know better. For the love of a child this grandma will try to do most anything. Thanks for listening."
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"I am relearning to sign. You know- the didn't use it enough and lost it syndrome. Now I have two profoundly deaf children in my class, who have no language or signing skills so I am busy trying to get up to scratch again. I so firmly agree with one of the early contributers who said that signing should be mandatory in schools. I think that goes for world wide as well.It is such a marvelous form of communication. It breaks down barriers between people and speaking as a Mum it is a marvelous way to tell off your children in social situations without hugely embarrassing either yourself or them!!
If any of you out there have a way of convincing parents that their deaf children DO need to learn to sign I would love to hear from you.Where I live in the middle east there is no school for deaf children who are not Arabs and I am the best hope these kids have of getting any education but it is an uphill battle."
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"I am a hearing person who is studying to become a certified sign language interpretor. I first learned English Sign Language from a deaf woman who had previsously lived up the street from my mom. I was 12 yrs old when she taught me, as well as my mom and my older sister English sign language. Since that time, I have taken several ASL classes. I have become quite proficient at using this gift that God has given me. In fact, for the past several years ans well as even now,God keeps bringing Deaf people across my path and they normally don't have interpreters with them. (Library, grocery stores, resturant, department stores, on the city bus, at church, etc.)I am very honored to help with the communication needs of the Deaf where ever and whenever I possisibly can."
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"the reason is cuz i have a family friendwho is d/hh and my family didnt know sign but me and sometimes communication was hard plus i have 3 former school mates who were deaf and i became friends with them and i learned the lang. cuz it was easier to lean rather then carry paper and pen around all the time and ever since i learned sign i have become more interested in the deaf culture etc. and now i will be going into college and becoming a

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