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Updated May 10, 2009

What is Med-El?:

Med-El is a manufacturer of cochlear implants that was founded in 1989, although development of the Med-El cochlear implant had begun in 1975. Today's headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria. (The United States office is based in Durham, North Carolina).

Med-El Product Information:

Med-El makes multiple implant models, plus accessories. The Med-El website also has information on products for professionals working with implantees, such as diagnostic tools and fitting software.

Med-El Support for Implantees:

Med-El runs a support network, "Hearing Companions," which puts CI candidates in contact with people who have received Med-El implants.

Med-El Website Highlights:

In addition to basic information on the cochlear implant and hearing loss, there is a kids' corner with a cartoon story and a coloring book. There is a calendar of audiology-related events (not support group meetings), and presentations from past conferences can be downloaded. There is a downloadable PDF bibliography covering topics such as assessment of implant candidates, the surgery, programming, likely outcomes, and bilateral implantation. Finally, there is a "Find a Clinic" database.
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