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Deaf Like Me

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Updated October 28, 2008

Cover of Deaf Like Me

Cover of Deaf Like Me

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The Bottom Line

Buy it. It is one of the most powerful true stories about deafness I have ever read, perhaps because I can identify so strongly with the child.
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  • An honest story by the parents
  • Many deaf baby boomers will identify with it
  • Now a classic


  • Will seem dated - takes place over 30 years ago
  • Child's viewpoint is not in the story itself
  • Scenario described in the story rare today, but still relevant


  • Written by the father
  • Published by Gallaudet University Press
  • An extremely honest tale that may move you to tears
  • Current edition has an epilogue by the now grown deaf child

Guide Review - Deaf Like Me

Typical '60s-'70s Deaf Experience

This is the true story of a young deaf girl whose parents attempted to raise her orally, then switched to sign language after their child was not developing language. This book left a powerful impression on me as I read about how the parents and those around them, reacted to their daughter's deafness. Certain scenes still stand out in my memory -- the parents visiting schools, and the realization that oralism was not working for their daughter and they had to try sign language.
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