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People in Deaf History

Articles about historic deaf and hearing people, including the Abbe de L'Epee, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Foster, Dummy Hoy, Erastus Smith, Helen Keller, Heather Whitestone, Douglas Tilden, Juliette Low, Laura Bridgman, Laurent Clerc, and Thomas Edison.

Historic and Famous Deaf People
Learn about both people in deaf history, and contemporary deaf people.

Abbe De l'Epee
This French man played a pivotal role in the history of deaf education.

Alexander Graham Bell
Going beyond the telephone, the hearing Bell was an active member of the deaf community.

Andrew Foster
The first deaf African American Gallaudet graduate and founder of schools for the deaf in Africa.

Deaf People in Ancient History
Resources for learning about deaf people in ancient history.

Douglas Tilden
Profile of a famous deaf sculptor sometimes referred to as the "Michelangelo of the West."

Dummy Hoy
A deaf baseball player who has yet to make it into the Hall of Fame.

Erastus Smith
The only deaf man known to have an entire county named after him.

Gil Eastman
Profile of Gil Eastman, a very accomplished deaf man who is remembered for several things, particularly his hosting of Deaf Mosaic.

Helen Keller
Helen Keller is perhaps the best-known deafblind person ever.

Discussion on Helen Keller
Forum members discuss that inspirational deafblind woman, Helen Keller.

James "Deaf" Burke
He was a boxer in the 19th century.

Juliette Low
The founder of the Girl Scouts in America was deafened.

Laura Bridgman Julia Brace
Two largely-forgotten deafblind women from the 19th century.

Laura C. Redden Searing - Deaf Journalist and Poet
Profile of Laura C.Redden Searing, a deaf woman who was a published journalist and poet.

Laurent Clerc
He was perhaps the most important deaf man in history.

Granville Redmond - Deaf Artist
Profile of Granville Redmond, a very collectible deaf artist.

Robert Weitbrecht - Inventor of the TTY
Profile of deaf inventor Robert Weitbrecht, who invented the telphone typewriter (TTY).

Rocky Stone, Founder of SHHH
Profile of Rocky Stone, founder of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People.

Thomas Edison
This historic inventor had a hearing loss.

Thomas H. Gallaudet
The hearing man for whom Gallaudet University is named.

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