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In the Classroom

Information and resources on educating deaf and hard of hearing students.

Classroom Accessibility
Access for deaf and hard of hearing students in the classroom and other educational settings.

Classroom Acoustics
Information and resources on controlling the noise in your child's classroom.

Deaf Immigrant Students
Immigrant deaf students, for whom English is truly a foreign language, have unique challenges.

Deaf People and English
It continues to be a problem no matter what (but less of a problem than it used to be)...developing English literacy in deaf and hard of hearing children.

Deafness and Attention Deficit Disorder
Some deaf children have Attention Deficit Disorder as well as hearing loss, and it can be difficult to distinguish between the hearing loss and the ADD.

Education - Including Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in the Classroom
Hearing teachers that find they have deaf children in their classes often need advice.

FAQ - Becoming a Teacher of the Deaf
This FAQ page answers the question, "how do I become a teacher of the deaf?"

FM Listening Systems
FM listening systems are a useful educational tool for hard of hearing children.

Homeschooling Deaf Children
Some parents choose to homeschool their deaf and hard of hearing children.

How to Find an Educational Program
Are you looking for an educational program for your deaf or hard of hearing child? Here are some suggestions.

Interpreter Issues in School
Often, parents must battle for the interpreting services needed by their child(ren), regardless of what the law requires.

Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf and HOH
Itinerant teachers travel around working with deaf and hard of hearing children.

Mainstreaming and Center Programs
In addition to schools for the deaf, there are mainstream and center programs. What is the difference?

Parental Point of View on Qualified Interpreters
Guest article by an About Deafness contributor about the importance of having qualified interpreters for deaf children and teens.

Teaching the Deaf Student with a CI in the Mainstream Classroom
After receiving early therapy and education, deaf students with cochlear implants are frequently ready to mainstream in classrooms. How can a classroom teacher prepare for the student with a cochlear implant?

What can parents do if their deaf child is denied an after school interpreter?
What can parents do if their deaf child's public school says they will not provide an interpreter for an after school event?

A Double Challenge - Teaching Deaf Immigrant Students
About.com interviews a deaf education teacher who works with deaf immigrant students.

Deaf Children with Learning Disabilities
Information and resources on helping deaf children who also have learning disabilities.

Back to School
Getting ready for going back to school? Here are some resources.

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