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Schools for the Deaf in the United States


Updated: December 15, 2008

Although schools for the deaf do exist, the prevalence of mainstreaming means that it is not unusual for parents to be unaware that schools for the deaf are available in their area. Sometimes, the local school districts fail to inform the parents that the deaf schools are an option. The internet has therefore become a crucial means of information for parents seeking education options for their deaf and hard of hearing children.

Below are articles, and profiles of, schools for the deaf in states that have schools for the deaf. Some states do not have schools for the deaf and children from those states must attend schools for the deaf in other nearby states, or are limited to attending the local public schools.

Charter Schools
States are not starting new deaf schools, but charter schools for deaf children filling the void where needed.

Alabama Schools for the Deaf
Talladega is home to the Alabama School for the Deaf, part of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind.

Arizona Schools for the Deaf
The Arizona School for the Deaf, part of the Arizona Schools for Deaf and Blind, is based in Tucson. Other options are the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, and the Desert Voices Oral Learning Center.

Arkansas Schools for the Deaf
Little Rock is home to the Arkansas School for the Deaf.

California Schools for the Deaf - Total Communication
California has multiple schools for the deaf, so they were divided into two categories. The first category is this one, the schools that utilize sign language and speech. Schools in this category are the California School for the Deaf, and the Tripod programs under the Burbank Unified School District.

California Schools for the Deaf - Oral
The other category is the schools that focus on oral communication. Small oral schools for the deaf can be found in Sacramento, Redwood City, and Whittier.

Colorado Schools for the Deaf
Colorado has the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, plus a charter school, the Rocky Mountain Deaf School.

Connecticut Schools for the Deaf
Connecticut is home to the first school for the deaf in the United States, the American School for the Deaf.

D.C. Schools for the Deaf
Washington, D.C. has both the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (and the sister high school, Model Secondary School for the Deaf) and a newer private school, the River School.

Delaware Schools for the Deaf
Newark is home to the Delaware School for the Deaf (Margaret S. Sterck School).

Florida Schools for the Deaf
The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind is in St. Augustine.

Georgia Schools for the Deaf
The main Georgia School for the Deaf is in Cave Spring while Clarkston has the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf.

Hawaii Schools for the Deaf
The Hawaii Center for the Deaf and the Blind in the Honolulu area is a small school serving deaf and blind children.

Kentucky Schools for the Deaf
Danville has the Kentucky School for the Deaf while Louisville has the Louisville Deaf Oral School.

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